Ghost Clear

Why Ghost Clear

There are two main aspects to squash. The first is to smoothly move around the court and the other is to be stable and hit the ball with accuracy. To practice this, many coaches make their students move around the court in a certain pattern. This type of exercise is known as ghosting. One ghost consists of a person standing in the center of the court, going to a place in the court, swinging their racket, and finally retreating to the center of the court. In a typical ghosting session, someone, usually the coach, would stand in the front of the court and point to where the other person should ghost to. The person would then ghost to this place and the coach would point to another point on the court. This is repeated multiple times and in multiple sets. In the absence of a coach, Ghost Clear is a training tool to help the player know where to ghost to and how much to ghost. This tool closely mimics coach interactions and also keeps track of the player's progress. Ghost Clear works by having up to 6 devices that connect to a central app on a phone. The app on the phone lets the player pick where, how much, and how fast they need to ghost as well as track their performance. Ghost Clear ultimately aims to increase the efficiency of ghosting and make it an overall better experience.

Varun Chitturi

Founder | Developer

My name is Varun Chitturi and I am a junior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, CA. Besides my other academical interests I am passionate about squash.